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I used to love this app NOW I HATE IT. It has become an almost exclusive NON ENGLISH speaking (singing) app almost every song in killer karaoke smule pics new rising stars and recommended for u

Microphone sucks and have to pay to sing

This app is way stupid. The microphone sucks and the only way you can sing is if you do a free duet with someone. As if!!

Falls a little short

As a totally blind person Who loves karaoke, I was delighted at the idea of a karaoke app for my phone. Unfortunately, I noticed that most of the controls for this app, while recognizable by the Voiceover screen reader as what they are, i.e. buttons or tabs, appear to be unlabeled when viewed with Voiceover. For example, you only hear Button or Tab and not what the button or tab does. This makes it rather difficult to know what youre clicking on if you rely solely on your ears. If this can be corrected it would indeed merit five stars.

I love it BUT...

This game is absolutely amazing! I love sing SO SO much but the only problem is that if you want to sing a solo, you have to be a VIP and to be a VIP you have to pay? but other than that, I LOVE THIS GAME!??

Love it!!!

Its a great app but its texting in it thats bad but you guys do whatever you guys want333

Purdy kewl

Good fun karaoke practice, definitely download this

So Much Fun .....

Lots of fun singing with people from different places!! Made some friends!!!

Used to be great

I used to use smule a ton and I liked how singing solo was completely free but now i have to pay just to be able to sing on the app. It made a lot of sense to let people sing solo for free and then have only paying users sing with groups. But now the app is basically unusable if you just want to sing alone


Before you choose any other app get this one. Join the community. This app is amazing

Best Singing App ever!

Can use most of it for free!!

Amazing app

This is like the best app ever I love it soooooo much

Favourite app!

Definitely one of my most used apps on my device. Acutally, I dont like the new UI Design, and I am still hoping for the function, to go back on some parts of your recorded song and sing those again.

Gorgeous app!!

I love that app because its such a fun to feel like you are in a real studio and your voice sounds unbelievably good with these nice filters! It is also so fun to sing with people from all over the world !!

Stupenda!!! Amazing !!!!

Una bellissima app per cantare e condividere musica con persone da tutto il mondo.... An incredible app for singing and sharing music with people from all over the world

Love it

Love this app you can express your awesome voice

Latest Update

The latest update might be their worst yet-- sound quality has deteriorated; impossible to match volumes in group collaborations; STILL no Bluetooth streaming.

Very nice apps ???✔️

???for me it is nice apps even it is expensive.....all my stress gone when i sing with my friends..i love this apps♥️♥️♥️????????


Hey Sing Karoake?!? I have never done karoake and have always wanted to and so I thought Id give this app a try before I went out in public and made a fool out of myself. The music quality is amazing and I love the clarity of the songs but may I suggest that for a first time karoake singer it was not as exciting to listen to myself sing badly and I wish there was an option to add the original artist to help me with singing on every song. I think for beginners hearing the original artists singing with you would be a nice step until you get used to karaoke?


I wish you didnt have to pay to solo sing.


FOR AN APP THAT I SUBSCRIBE TO, i expect it to function properly. But it has constant problems, some for months. And when an update is done..without fail, more problems occur!! You add graphics etc., BUT NEVER FIX TECH ISSUES?. Its currently worse than ever, whatev you did to audio...PUT IT BACK! There are far too many issues that have made this app a nightmare..PLEASE FIX TECHNICAL PROBLEMS NOT ADD FANCY GRAPHICS FFS

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